Machining Vietnam

Machining of stainless steel

We provide excellent services for milling and turning your stainless steel products in our factory in Vietnam.

Machining Vietnam

Machining of aluminium, brass, steel & stainless steel

We produce machined metal products in Vietnam.

Machining Vietnam

Aluminium machining

We provide machining services like milling and turning of your aluminium products in Vietnam.

Machining Vietnam

Turning, Milling & Assembly

We provide machining services like milling and turning of your metal products in Vietnam.

Subcontracting Vietnam

Plastic injection moulding, sourcing, processing & assembly

We provide services for subcontracting your injection molded products & extruded profiles to reliable factories in Vietnam.

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Berry Mols
Co Founder
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What We Offer

Our Services

Plastic Injection Molding

ABS plastic molding is a great material to use, because it is inexpensive and has a strong breakage resistance.

Spring Fabrication

We organize the production the following spring: Tension, Torsion, Compression, Auger or Disc springs (mostly used for feeding systems),

Stamping & Deep drawing

We organize the stamping, deep drawing and (hydraulic) pressing of your parts from 10mm till 2 meter. Aluminum, steel,

Steel casting

We organize the production of your steel and (ductile) iron casted products with well known and proven foundry's in

Sheet metal fabrication

Fabrication of sheet metal kiosks, shrouds, housings, welding and other sheet metal parts. From mono parts, till complete assemblies,

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Combined Solutions for

Sourcing, Logistics & Quality Control.

We collect and pack your orders and ship them together as 1 shipment. These products could be injection molded part, sheet metal stamping parts or  aluminum die casted parts. It doesn’t make a difference to us. We will ensure you receive the Products Ex. work, FOB or CIF with 1 Bill of Lading only. This brings you the following benefits and savings:

  • Time Saving on documents
  • 1 communication contact for all your orders
  • 1 Bill of Lading saves you costs and time for customs clearance
  • In house quality control
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machining milling steel

machining milling stainless-steel

machining milling

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For Inquiries: Fill in our feedback form or contact us on
+84-36-77-888-36. We use WeChat, Viber & WhatsApp

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    Due to our wide experience in die-casting, stamping, injection molding and aluminum extrusion we offer you a reliable team which easily and clearly communicates with you and the manufacturer to get things done. We take away miscommunication and give you clear timelines and possibilities about what can be done and also what Can’t be done. No surprises!

    We master the Languages Dutch, German, English and Vietnamese.
    20 years experience in sheet metal works
    25 years experience in (die)casting of a wide variety of metals
    We have a low overhead and keep hourly rates competitive

    You want us to organize sourcing, assembly, packaging and shipping –> we will do it for you. We do what we say, nothing less! If we can’t do it than we won’t offer it.

    25+ years of experiences in die casting, sheet metal and stamping

    Contact us to see the possibilities for your products

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